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We are here to help you see your work as God sees it.

We believe that work is part of the total discipleship journey with Christ. GodWork 360 is a vocation-focused ministry of Cedar Park centered on inspiring, equipping, mobilizing, and supporting you to discover and live out your full calling.

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We get to express our faith through what we do. Your whole life impacts and gets impacted by your work. GodWork 360 brings discipleship to your work.

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Interested in joining a small group? Email Jennifer Douglas at jennifer.d@cedarpark.org for more information. We have a handful of small groups running at any given time including:

  • Working Wonders: Inspiring the Next Generation to Work at Home and School — This 12-week course, taught by Dr. Christian Overman, an expert on the application of faith and work in education, presents 6 tools for anyone to help elementary and secondary students bring significant meaning and purpose to their daily work, at home and at school, from washing dishes to writing essays. In the process, parents, teachers, and administrators will discover new ways to bring greater meaning to their own work! We will be meeting in High School Room 210 at 9:20 a.m. weekly starting on 1/29/17. Email jennifer.d@cedarpark.org to reserve your spot.
  • Young Business Leaders — Young business leaders meet seasoned business leaders to interact on topics of faith and work, last Friday of the month (ask for details on location)
  • Belong Couples Vocational Groups — a dinner event on the last Friday of every month at 7 p.m. (ask for details on location) where we can build community, and share in the discipleship journey in life and in work

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Innovation Think Tank 101: Is bringing your God-given business and non-profit ideas to life an act of worship? Absolutely! ...

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This journey has not only challenged my thinking, but has transformed the way I approach my daily work and interact with those around me, especially my students.


Why are we here?

We inspire, support, equip, and mobilize people in discovering and living out their full calling in their place of work — for the purpose of making a difference for the gospel in our communities.

Where are we going?

To be the church that works, we see and value our work as God sees it, recognizing our work as central to the daily life/culture of the local church; in turn, we empower/support each other as we go out and create impact for Christ in our workplaces.

Internally it is about us deepening our relationship with Christ, partly, through a deeper understanding of the instrumental/intrinsic value of our work.

Externally it is about the broader church embracing the value of work, so that as His corporate body we can work together in making a relevant and resonant difference in our workplaces and communities at large.

GodWork 360 offers a series of programs and activities that are inspiring, supporting, equipping, and mobilizing:

My faith matters just as much from Monday to Friday as it does on a Sunday.


Looking to dive deeper at the intersection between your faith, work, and economic flourishing? Check back every couple of weeks for devotionals that will help enrich your walk. Feel free to use these devotionals during your quiet times and for discussion/dialogue between fellow Christians.

Recent Devotionals

All work is important to God.

What’s your 1 degree of difference?

What’s the small change you can make every day for God through your calling, in your work, for your community to make a big difference in the world? Read editorials on ways to make a difference in your work place and challenge you friends and colleagues to make a difference today.

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The Playbook

My faith empowers my work and encourages me to make a difference in the community I serve.

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