Has God given you an idea to improve something at your place of work, or perhaps an idea for a new venture or a product? The GodWork 360 innovation think tanks will help you consider the idea and how your faith impacts bringing that idea to life.

The process of the innovation think tank unrolls over 3 phases.

  • Initiation: Here, the idea owner reaches out to the think tank drivers to set up a meeting and work through the viability of the concept. At this point, we encourage you to fill out our innovation think tank survey to gauge the alignment of the idea with the greater goal of building God’s kingdom through our expression of faith, work and economics.
  • Investigation: The participant completes research, meets with recommended contacts, and prepares materials for a full innovation think tank.
  • Presentation: the idea owner presents the ideas and relevant materials to an innovation think tank team. This team provides formal feedback and encouragement to the idea owner and then he/she refines the idea over further iterations before returning in the final stage to present the completed idea to the process driver.

If you want to build something for God’s kingdom, reach out to Jennifer Douglas to get more informaion about the innovation think tank survey.