How are you doing in your line of work? Do you feel connected? Are you making a difference? In the professional world, we often think about mentorship as a means to meeting career goals. Mentors exist to help you build your leadership qualities. They are there to encourage you about your line of work.

But what about the spiritual aspect of your work? What about the encouragement you need to see how your work fits into the bigger picture of God’s purpose for the world?

GodWork 360 offers mentoring through its leadership group ministry to connect the bigger purposes of faith, work, and economics to your daily work. We’re here to help you grow in your faith walk and your job. We’re here to be the encouragement you need when times are tough and the sounding board when you need an ear.

God has given you’re a particular set of skills through your calling that you can live out in your work. Our mentorship program helps you fulfill your calling through your work.