Interested in diving deeper on issues of faith, work, and economics? Sign up for our small group programs.

The small group programs are designed to take you on a journey through vocation to better link your work to God’s call on your life. It follows a four-step framework.

  • Vision: The series begins with a study of a God-given vision for work. In previous small group iterations, we have studied Andy Stanley’s Visioneering. The aim of the study is to encourage everyone to identify God’s blueprint for developing and maintaining their personal vision.
  • Biblical foundations: The aim of this series is to build out a Biblical foundation for work, studying worldview and God’s story. Small groups study a variety of sources including Tim Keller’s Every Good Endeavor.
  • Biblical characters: This series focuses on specific Bible characters and their expression of work in the context of community. This study will explore characters such as Joseph and Daniel and how their lives illustrate the key tenets of faith, work, and economics.
  • Special-Interest groups: the series concludes with a breakout study for special-interest groups. Depending on your work context, you will have the opportunity to split out and meet with people with similar work roles (e.g., small business owners, homemakers, bankers, students, etc.). This series also focuses on business-specific questions around work, faith, and economics. Groups consider the deep questions around vocation, the role of profit, competition, and stewardship in the marketplace.

Each part of this series runs for 20 weeks, meeting on Sundays (unless otherwise noted) from 8:45 to 10:15.

Sign up for Business as a Holy Calling, Thursday evenings 7-8:15, contact us for location.

Sign up for a study on the life of Joseph. Every other Sunday in the high school room 210 at 8:45 a.m. January 20-May 31. We will be studying The Accidental Executive: Lessons on Business, Faith, and Calling from the Life of Joseph by Al Erisman.